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Typical Apulian Products and Apulian Ceramics

Typical Apulian products in Alberobello

L'Arte del Souvenir is a shop specializing in the sale of typical Apulian products in Alberobello . Our shop is located inside a trullo, a typical construction of the Apulian landscape, completely preserved in its originality, even the ancient floor. Our business has been carried on for generations, and is currently led by the very young Daniele, who continues the family business with passion. Inside our shop you will find all kinds of souvenirs concerning the city of Alberobello and its magnificent trulli: from handmade stone trulli, to classic souvenirs, up to exclusive products concerning our magnificent region.

L'Arte del Souvenir deals with the sale of typical Apulian products in Alberobello , and in our shop you can find a vast assortment of classic collectible souvenirs, gift ideas, ceramics, witty T-shirts with typical Apulian phrases, magnets, costume jewelery and much more! L'Arte del Souvenir can count on a courteous and helpful staff who will be happy to help you find the perfect souvenir to remember your holiday, or to help you find the perfect gift idea to bring to friends and relatives! We also offer "the package from down": a package full of Apulian goodness and flavors, perfect to bring to those who have had to move outside Puglia for work or study reasons, but who don't want to give up all its flavors. We offer a shipping service throughout Italy of typical Apulian products to Alberobello that will arrive at your home in a very short time: pasta, preserves, wine, cured meats, cheeses, in oil and many other products!

If you are looking for a souvenir of your holiday in Puglia that can remind you of the wonderful time spent in our beautiful region, then trust L'Arte del Souvenir and its typical Apulian products in Alberobello ! Come and visit us or visit our online shop to discover all our items!


Apulian ceramics in Alberobello

Are you looking for a beautiful and characteristic souvenir that can remember your holiday in Puglia? Come to L'Arte del Souvenir and discover all our beautiful Apulian ceramics in Alberobello ! Our shop is located inside a trullo perfectly preserved in its originality, and which still retains the ancient floor, and you can find authentic ceramics to take home with you as a souvenir of your stay in these fantastic lands.

The Apulian ceramics in Alberobello in our shop are handmade by local artisans, who employ all their knowledge and all their skill in the creation of these small masterpieces of craftsmanship. Among our articles you will also find the most traditional ones of the area, such as the Pumo, a ceramic artifact typical of the Apulian tradition and which represents a rose bottle that is about to bloom, whose meaning represents prosperity and good luck. We offer ceramics of various colors and various sizes, so that you can choose the product you like best based on your tastes and style. Our ceramics can be not only a souvenir of a trip to Puglia, but also beautiful gift ideas, good luck charms or even wedding favors to bring to friends and relatives.

Come to our shop or visit our online shop dedicated to the sale of Apulian ceramics in Alberobello , discover all our products on offer for you and always bring a piece of Puglia with you! We are waiting for you!